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    Contextual & Personalized

    Digital Workplace Platform

  • InterChange is the only fully-customizable
    digital workplace platform.

  • AppManager

    Pre-built task specific apps that allow employees
    to quickly get their jobs done

  • DevFramework

    Build full blown applications that consume Office 365
    content then deploy to any delivery channel or platform using
    ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript or a combination of both

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The Akumina Promise

Akumina provides our partners and customers with a digital workplace platform that delivers a contextual and personalized digital experience and transforms how employees work, collaborate and innovate.

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How Does Akumina Help You?

Business User

As a business user, working directly in the multiple systems I need to is overly complex. The InterChange AppManager provides me with an intuitive app which only presents me with detail required for the specific task at hand with no requirement to navigate around in our legacy systems.


Site Managers

SharePoint and Office 365 are my thing …but my knowledge workers have never ending requests for me to update the site with their content. Using the InterChange AppManager not only are the knowledge workers able to update content, I can even grant them the ability to modify site functionality.



As we begin migrating to the cloud, Office 365 and SharePoint online, I want to make sure we would get better adoption. InterChange has immediately empowered our business users while allowing my developers to build out cloud-ready and hybrid solutions.



Before we started using the InterChange DevFramework my markup was constantly being undermined by the need to exist within a SharePoint page. Now we can create fabulous, responsive designs, but still have the security and scalability of Office 365 under the hood.



Akumina allows me to have the best of both worlds. I can use my existing .NET and MVC skills to deliver Office 365 content as a service to any type of application, not just client-side scripting – this allows me to determine the best development approach, regardless of how the solution is hosted.


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