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Wherever your SharePoint sites are deployed, InterChange will increase adoption and ROI while ensuring your solutions deliver strategic business value.


If you’re still on-premise and plan on staying, InterChange can be easily deployed into your existing environment.  


Host your SharePoint and InterChange on Azure, AWS or the Google Cloud and get the flexibility of on-premise SharePoint without the overhead.

Office 365

As you move to Office 365, InterChange seamlessly goes with you, ensuring you get maximum value from SharePoint Online.

Why InterChange ?

InterChange is Akumina’s platform built using SharePoint-as-a-service, allowing businesses to realize the full promise of SharePoint. With InterChange, organizations see dramatically increased ROI on their SharePoint investment while ensuring end-user adoption and eliminating the need for redundant content platforms.
Whether you need to add a press release to the news list or create a complete campaign landing page, with InterChange: There’s an App for That.
InterChange is built using responsive web design for mobile access. The InterChange platform can also be used to target any front-end platform, including native mobile apps.
Enterprises today as looking to SharePoint to provide a secure and compliant replacement for ungoverned files shares. With Akumina, end user adoption of SharePoint document management is greatly increased.
    • Ignite


      Akumina Ignite is a turn-key intranet that your employees will love and be able to manage. With Ignite you'll be able to:

      • Manage site content through a task specific app interface
      • Deliver SharePoint managed information on any mobile device
      • Provide a flawless SharePoint document management experience
      • Change site behavior without being a SharePoint expert


      A modern website with all the adaptive, personalized, targeted and mobile-friendly features your team is looking for, and the user interface for managing content and site behavior that is more intuitive to use than any other CMS.

      That doesn't sound like SharePoint.

      But, with SharePoint delivering the platform capabilities and Akumina InterChange delivering the CMS user experience, your website can do everything your team wants it to do with a CMS experience they will love and be able to use!