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Akumina InterChange Enhances SharePoint Document Management Experience

Nashua, NH & Chicago, IL, December 9, 2015 – Akumina Inc., whose InterChange software platform makes it easier for businesses to build adoptable digital experiences on SharePoint, today announced the release of Version 2.5 of InterChange. Unveiled at the SharePoint Fest Show in Chicago, InterChange v2.5 includes significant enhancements to InterChange’s content authoring, site management and workflow capabilities.

Akumina also released a free, turnkey intranet starter site for developers looking to quickly deploy a corporate intranet using the InterChange platform. The starter site is a comprehensive intranet site that showcases the exceptional experiences SharePoint developers and designers can deliver using InterChange. Included with any InterChange subscription, the starter site is open source, easy to extend and customize and can also be used as a reference site when building more complex intranet and document/knowledge management solutions.

Better Document Management
InterChange v2.5 addresses the document management limitations presented by out of the box SharePoint with a comprehensive document management solution which can be deployed to any SharePoint site.

“One complaint that we have heard time and again about SharePoint DMS is that tagging documents is overly complicated and generates unpredictable results,” stated Greg Clukey, Akumina’s vice president of product management. “Another problem is lack of viable mobile support for SharePoint document libraries out of the box. InterChange’s document management solution addresses these usability issues out of the box and can be easily extended and customized.”

Expect More from Your SharePoint Deployments
End-user training and heavy IT-intervention are often seen as the solution to SharePoint end-user complaints. Akumina’s starter site is designed to showcase what is really possible on SharePoint, if the focus shifts to the user experiences delivered on the platform. Built on the InterChange platform, the starter site does not require end users to “learn” SharePoint in order to ensure success. Instead, it highlights how using InterChange allows developers and designers to focus on delivering easy-to-adopt experiences on top of SharePoint.

“Too often the response to end-user complaints about SharePoint is to offer training and rely on SharePoint administrators to accomplish business user tasks,” said Ed Rogers. “No one needs training to use an app on their iPhone. InterChange empowers designers and developers to create transformative digital experiences that use SharePoint-as-a-service and can be easily managed using InterChange’s task-specific apps.”

Learn More: InterChange Overview Video

About Akumina
Akumina builds a software platform, InterChange which transforms the way the world works with Microsoft SharePoint and its data. InterChange creates a transformative digital experience for content authors, web designers and developers, site managers, administrators and audiences. Akumina boasts an experienced executive team with better than 50 years of successfully delivering web software solutions to companies that range from small & medium businesses to fortune100 heavy-weights. Akumina’s customer base includes Roper Technologies, the Realty Operations Group and The University of California.

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