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Akumina Extends InterChange SharePoint User Experience Framework

Akumina, a SharePoint user experience software company, today unveiled its next generation SharePoint Apps and Web Parts designed to fill the gap between the power of the SharePoint platform and the user experience it delivers.

A Better SharePoint User Experience

Akumina InterChange improves the SharePoint user experience in two key areas. First, InterChange empowers content authors, information workers and site managers with Apps that expose only what they need to accomplish specific tasks without ever exposing them to SharePoint’s user interface. There are three types of InterChange Apps:

  • Content Apps - InterChange automatically generates business-user friendly Apps to manage the content in any SharePoint list or library.
  • Control Apps - InterChange allows for the creation and management of instruction sets which Akumina’s InterChange Web Parts use to change functionality on any SharePoint site.
  • Admin Apps - InterChange also has Admin Apps which allow developers and administrators to do tasks like create the instruction lists used to manage the properties of InterChange Web Parts with Control Apps.

Akumina has also used its InterChange user experience framework to create specialized SharePoint Web Parts (InterChange Web Parts) which allow web developers and SharePoint architects to transform the experiences they can build on the platform from ordinary to extraordinary. InterChange Web Parts are open source, built using responsive web design for mobile, and are easy to deploy, and extend. Business users can also modify any InterChange Web Part’s properties using InterChange Apps, rather than directly accessing the Web Part on the SharePoint page. Among the InterChange Web Parts Akumina is showcasing at Ignite are:

  • Document Library – Allows for the creation, sharing and collaboration on SharePoint-managed documents
  • HTML Banner – An easy to manage image banner to highlight key content
  • Discussion Board – Collaborate on projects and share status updates

Beyond Web Parts for SharePoint, Akumina's InterChange Framework can also be used to build mobile applications to access SharePoint-managed data and processes on any mobile device.

“The combination of our front-end Web Parts with the back-end flexibility offered by our Apps transforms the level of experience which a SharePoint developer can deliver on the platform,” said Akumina CEO Ed Rogers. “Now IT teams can continue to develop on the stable, scalable and secure platform which is SharePoint, without sacrificing on the experience they deliver or spending thousands of dollars on end-user training.”

Akumina’s channel partners are excited to use Akumina’s products to help them win more SharePoint business while increasing client satisfaction. “InterChange is unique in the SharePoint marketplace today,” said Kevin McCloskey, director of client development at Momentum Digital Solutions Inc. “Akumina allows digital agencies to differentiate in the SharePoint space based on user experience while addressing the ever-increasing questions on how to handle mobile access.”

To learn more about InterChange watch this 90 second video.

About Akumina

Akumina is a SharePoint web solutions company. Akumina’s user experience framework for SharePoint allows businesses to realize the full promise of SharePoint. With Akumina’s InterChange Apps business users can accomplish content and site management tasks without ever being exposed to SharePoint’s user interface. Akumina’s InterChange web parts simplify the creation, extension and management of SharePoint web parts and improve upon SharePoint’s default presentation and ensure mobile access via responsive design. Akumina allows CIOs to empower subject matter experts to manage their own content and business processes using SharePoint, on any device. With Akumina, organizations see increased return on their SharePoint investment while ensuring end-user adoption and eliminating the need for redundant content platforms.

With clients like Walmart, Dolby, Tandem Diabetes and Lesley University, Akumina works with some of the largest organizations in the world. However, Akumina knows every client’s SharePoint project is mission critical and approaches all with equal dedication and focus. Whether building an entirely new corporate portal, launching an enterprise-wide intranet, or ensuring an existing extranet is mobile-friendly, Akumina has the SharePoint experience, value added products and track record to ensure your SharePoint 2013 website’s success.