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The Akumina Partner Program provides Interactive Agencies, VARs and MSPs the tools to grow your business and deliver the most comprehensive, adoptable and scalable SharePoint experience to your customer base. Whether you are using SharePoint to build Intranets, Extranets & Portals or Knowledge and Document Management Systems or Public Facing websites, Akumina’s InterChange platform will change the way you and your customers work with SharePoint.

We work WITH our partners – side by side for mutual success

Now is like no other time to be delivering complete and compelling Microsoft SharePoint solutions to your customers. Gone are the days of your customers accepting a mediocre SharePoint implementation or one that hinders ease of use and adoption, rather, your customers are expecting more and you are the trusted advisor they turn to. Unlike other SharePoint ‘widget companies’, Akumina not only believes, but knows, that these amazing SharePoint experiences cannot be delivered by a software company but instead in unison between Akumina and our partners. This is why Akumina has not and will not compete with our partners for solution services but instead look to our thought leading partners to drive customer success and engaging experiences.

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