Akumina Partner Program

Channel-First Software Provider

Akumina is singularly focused on delivering great software and therefore is completely dependent on its strategic implementation partners to guarantee the success of our joint customers. Our platform is uniquely designed to provide partners a series of frameworks they can standardize on to deliver modern intranets, global intranets, digital dashboards, portals and extranets.

Gartner predicts that by 2018, close to a third of organizations “will formalize workforce digital literacy strategic to improve business outcomes and employee engagement”. This proves a large opportunity for system integrators and cloud technology partners alike to facilitate the bringing together of technology with a true focus on the employee to deliver digital workplace solutions that have tangible impact on both your clients, and your own, bottom lines.

Partnering with Akumina allows us to quickly
create engaging and transformative employee
experiences for our customers. Together we are
able to increase our customers time to value
velocity as they embark on their Digital
Workplace transformation.

Michelle Caldwell
North America Digital Workplace Transformation Lead, Avanade


Why Partners Love InterChange:

  • Fully Extendable Architecture

    The Akumina platform delivers a series of enterprise frameworks allowing developers and designers to build engaging digital expericnes. Developers benefit from a scalable, decoupled architecture, separating the content and presentation layers allow for tremendous flexibility and rapid product development. Additionally, Akumina leverages best practices in modern TypeScript, JavaScript and C#/MVC design patterns allowing partners to leverge existing technical skill sets to build transformative experiences.

  • Enable Managed Service Model

    The architecture of our platform provides a repeatable, predictable and scalable foundation that allows partners to deliver an ongoing cadence of new functionality in real-time without site downtime makes Akumina the only technology for designed to support managed services delivery. Akumina's partners are successfully creating 'App' and 'Widget' libraries that can be used across their customer base - increasing the velocity of deployment and capabilities for their customer and increasing delivery margin for the partner.

  • Quicker Time to Live

    Akumina brings together a best-in-breed approach by delivering a scalable core and a wide-set of pre-built open-source 'foundational' components on the top of the core. This allows our partners to create unique experiences for customers that deliver a faster ROI but don't box our partners in by delivering a series of SDK's and API's allowing for the creation of custom components and the extension/modification of the pre-built components that come out of the box

  • Increased Profit Margins & ROI

    Akumina provides no professional services and will never compete with our partners. Born as a software company and with an executive team with channel in their DNA, Akumina knows what it takes to create true partnerships. Our salesforce works diligently with Microsoft and our own demand-gen efforts to constantly create new opportunities for our channel. Pairing the right partner with the right prospect is a big part of our successful channel strategy – ensuring end customer success and partner profitability.

As an Akumina Partner you are able to:

  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded space

    Today, there are solution providers offering "intranet in a box" solutions. Our philosophy is that this approach can never be truly successful for a customer. By partnering with Akumina, you are partnering with a Microsoft-backed organization that believes in enabling our partners to create the right experience for the right customer – specific to their needs and their vision. Intranets in a box are a dime-a-dozen and don’t enable partners to innovate for their customer. Your customer is unique – deliver them a unique and transformative solution

  • Partner with a product company

    Akumina prides itself on delivering exceptional and quality software to the market. We also pride ourselves on partnering with the best and the brightest implementers of web technology in the world. The combination of our software and their strategic services are a winning equation for our joint customers. Akumina will not and has not ever competed with a partner. Our partners are a strategic extension of the overall solution we talk to customers about and play a critical role in transforming how employees work, innovate and collaborate.

  • Focus on delivering strategic value, not tactical fixes

    Teaming with Akumina will allow you to deliver experiences ‘that work’ allowing you to focus on the bigger strategic picture for your customers. Their goals are driving more revenue, creating more operational efficiency and enabling better collaboration among their team – focus on solving those problems. Paint a bigger, better picture for your customers on a scalable platform that will grow with your (and the customers) vision of transforming their workforce

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The Akumina partner program provides system integrators, cloud technology, VARs and MSPs the tools to grow your business and deliver the most comprehensive, adoptable, and scalable experience to your customer base.

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