Workspaces by Akumina

The Only Project-Based Collaboration Tool Built for Office 365

Empower users with a connected experience to manage project milestones, tasks, ongoing conversations and associated project assets all within a single, easy-to-use workspace.

Workspaces is a cloud-based collaboration platform built on top of Microsoft Office 365 that provides the easiest and most efficient way to collaborate on a single-entity or project. Unlike other collaboration tools that focus on providing persistent open collaboration, Workspaces streamlines collaboration around a single entity providing users a connected experience to manage and collaborate on everything from a document, to an event, to patient care, to a construction project and everything in-between. Workspaces connects everything together into a single user experience, so users can work together in one place, real time without having to jump between multiple applications, chat tools and email to get work done!

Drive Productivity
Remove the complexity of employees needing to access multiple applications to collaborate on projects and get work done. Bring together all the discussions, tasks, milestones and documents for into a single user experience.
Seamless Task Management
Take the complexity out of managing projects and keep everyone on track and accountable with a connected experience to quickly access, connect and manage project tasks online from any device in any language.
Simplify Communications
Employees getting lost in email and multiple chat applications? Empower employees to efficiently and seamlessly connect and collaborate with the right individuals based on where they are in a project timeline.

Project Collaboration Made Easy

Workspace Landing Page

Create Project Workspaces Quickly and Effortlessly

With a wizard-based approach, non-technical users can easily spin up new workspaces choosing from pre-defined project templates that deploy specific components.

  • Wizard-based approach allows users a quick and easy way to spin up new workspaces, even for non-technical users.
  • Choose from pre-defined project templates that deploy specific workflows and components (task, milestones, documents, photos, etc.) or build custom templates aligning to any project requirement.
  • Workspaces can be private or public. Public workspaces allow others to view the content in workspace but not actively contribute.

Easily Track Task and Milestones

Keep track of all task associated with a project as well key project milestones. The task manager leverages Office Planner, allowing users to easily view, create, and manage all task associated with projects.

  • Keep everyone organized and accountable with assignable task and progress visibility.
  • Quickly add new task, update the status or re-assign task by dragging and dropping task.
  • Categorize task based on status, due date, bucket or whom they're assigned to.

task management
Workspace Document Manaagement

Manage Documents and Assets

Easily keep track of documents, manage version control, preview files and start conversations right around any document.

  • Easily upload an array of documents and assets (images, diagrams, spreadsheets, etc.) into a project workspace, even have conversations around a specific document.
  • Control document versions and workflows across multiple contributors, ensuring everyone is always working on the latest version. Workspaces will keep track of versions and users can easily view previous versions.
  • View live previews of documents, allowing users to edit the document, check-in/check-out, share, download, and promote a document right from within the Workspaces portal.

Organize Conversations & Contributors

Bring together contributors from different teams and departments to effectively get projects done. Stop jumping between different chat applications and email to collaborate on specific projects.
  • Easily find and search conversations via threaded topics.
  • Control who can view and edit workspaces providing transparency when you need it and when you don't.
  • Conversations are tied to Office Groups, allowing users to easily share ideas on the go.

Customizable & Brandable Workspaces

Workspaces is built on top of Akumina's flexible platform that is extendable and customizable, allowing you to create workspaces connected to your corporate brand and aligned to your specific business requirements. From applying custom colors and fonts, your logo, custom background styles, headers and footers your digital workspace should match your industry and culture.


    Create custom project templates and components that reflect your organizational needs, whether your building spaces for patient care, event management, or construction projects, Workspaces can be customized to your unique needs.


    Your digital workplace should be a visual and interactive representation of your brand. With Workspaces, you can customize the look and feel of your projects, widgets and overall page templates.


    Non-technical users are presented with an intuitive page building interface with drag and drop functionality to customize workspaces even after the site is created. Users have flexibility to add, delete, or rearrange components a workspace, putting users in complete control of how their workspaces look and function.


    Workspaces includes out-of-the-box widgets from task list, employee profiles, calendar widgets to image and video galleries. Our framework allows developers to create views tied to widgets which controls how content is displayed. Widgets can have multiple views and users can easily change the view of any widget to personalized their workspaces.

A More Productive Way of Working with Office 365

Office 365 provides organizations a powerful set of tools for collaboration, empowering employees to be more productive. However, most employees are confused when it comes to choosing which application to use for which task and their intended purpose, users are forced to switch back and forth between different applications to get their work done.

Workspaces by Akumina on the other hand creates a more productive way to work with Office 365. Leveraging the Microsoft GraphAPI, Workspaces pulls in the underlying technology from Office 365 including Office Groups, Planner, Exchange and SharePoint allowing users to benefit from the best attributes of these systems into a single platform providing one familiar experience, eliminating the need to train users on multiple applications to collaborate, find conversations, coordinate files and ultimately get work done.

See Workspaces in Action

In the following video, we'll showcase an example of how a fictitious healthcare organization uses Akumina's workspaces to collaborate on cancer tumor cases, allowing doctors and care providers to collaborate on a case by case basis of the diagnosis and treatment of each individual case.

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