Deliver Engaging Experiences
Tailored to Any Audience

Portals, Extranets & Sites

From partner portals to customer extranets and even public facing sites – the options are endless. With Akumina, you can deliver personalized experiences aligned to the needs of your specific audience, giving users exactly what they are looking for to execute the task at hand.

Eliminate Silos
Break down silos and bring together business data, knowledge and applications into a centralized workspace.
Drive Productivity and Collaboration
Instantly connect users to the right information, empowering users to collaborate, work together and make smarter decisions.
Create a Competitive Advantage
Build a digital destination tailored to the needs of your users that will improve how they execute and drive business results.


The most robust features, flexibility and functionality of any platform for building modern portals, extranets and site experiences.


    Create targeted content, multimedia, news, events and other resources in a way that you never thought possible. Users are empowered to publish content, create pages and sites without the need for IT support.


    Create a centralized location for users to communicate and collaborate on projects and initiatives that brings together all the contributors, data, and conversations into a single location.


    End users are presented with a sleek interface from drag and drop functionality to upload wizards for sharing and collaborating with documents, saving them time and making them more effectively.


    With built-in targeting and personalization capabilities, content can be unique to a user's role, department, location and other custom criteria. Control which users can access,edit and view data and reports.


    Create a centralized location for users to communicate and collaborate on projects and initiatives that brings together all the contributors, data, and conversations into a single location.


    Allows users to quickly spin up new sites without the need of IT. Developer creates a “site package” and the business user can rapidly deploy all components in the package.


Connectors & Third-Party Integrations

Bring together all the data intelligence, documents, and communications together from all the systems that span across your organization into a unified platform. Akumina provides out-of-the-box connectors and capabilities for connecting to today's most popular systems from Office 365, SharePoint and Azure to leading enterprise CRM, HCM, financial and data systems. New connectors can easily be built to any data source with a RESTful endpoint utilizing SDKs.


Akumina's engagement software platform provides employees with an intuitive interface for managing portals and sites,
allowing site management to be completed by business users without any technical or platform expertise.

Branding & Design

From custom branding and styling to custom content displays - build experiences that match your branding and display content in the most effective way for users across any device.

App-Centric Management

Managing content, site properties and task are performed easily via apps- just like using an app on a smart phone.

Modular Page Building

Non-technical users can easily edit and update pages by draging and dropping pre-built blocks utilizing modular page building and in-context editing.

Targeted Content

With built-in targeting, communications and content can be targeted and displayed differently to specific users and groups based on their role, department, language, location or other criteria.

Developer-Friendly Platform

Akumina's software platform delivers a series of enterprise frameworks allowing developers and system integrators to build engaging digital experiences. Portal solutions are built using Akumina's server-side framework designed to create experiences that consumes data from SharePoint and Office 365 but is not rendered in SharePoint but rather an agnostic .NET MVC application.

developer framework
  • No Client-side Development Required

    Developers can leverage their existing C# and MVC development skillsets to build Office 365/SharePoint driven web properties that are built without the requirement of client-side JavaScript development.

  • Headless SharePoint Experiences

    Create experiences that consumes data from Office 365/SharePoint and other back-end data sources but is not rendered in an Office 365/SharePoint experience but rather an agnostic .NET MVC application.

  • Hosted Provider App

    A Pre-built hosted provider app contains API references, serverside controls and AzureKey Vault integration for a quick and easy starting point.

  • Pre-Built Controls

    Framework contains pre-built controls which range from image banners, quick links, important dates, and content blocks allowing for rapid development of new experiences.

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