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InterChange Version 3.3 | October 6, 2016

Key features delivered for this release:

For Developers/Designers

  • All new dev framework which provides a true platform for the development of state-of-the-art digital workplace solutions
  • New View Manager App – allows developers/designers or advanced users to quickly make modifications to the HTML markup of ANY of the Digital Workplace controls.
  • New Site Creator SDK - allowing developers to make changes to default deployment process of the Digital Workplace, or to allow them to start from scratch in deploying their own custom site.
  • New Management Apps Settings – ability to create, add, rename and set permissions on individual Management Apps (just like Content Apps)

For Admins/Business Users

  • All new Image Gallery Custom Content App (built with our SDK and deployed with Digital Workplace) to manage the Photo Gallery with ease!
  • Image resizing/cropping integrated into the Image Picker for all apps
  • Ability to access folder properties, change folder names and share folders in the DMS (Document Management Control)
  • 50% reduction in Quicklinks publishing times, with the ability to add links to Category nodes
  • Completely revamped Site Creator for amazing ease of use!
    • Streamlined Configuration Management Screen (instead of the multiple control apps in earlier releases)
    • New Branding settings with Themes as part of the Configuration Management screen
      • Logo uploader
      • Theme Selector with 9 built-in themes (Blue, Lightblue, Light, Gray, Green, Midnight, Orange, Purple, Red)
    • Default provisioned site that renders content completely without Azure AD dependencies (removed targeting as a default).
    • New deployment option which can generate the Digital Workplace Foundation Site and 4 default departments in one action
    • All required deployment keys (such as the department name, color, Azure AD on/off) set as part of deployment – little or no post deployment configuration!!
  • Critical product defects addressed
    • Functional and performance defects addressed across the product functionality