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eBook | Developing a Digital Workplace Transformation Strategy

A digital workplace transformation is not an overnight change or even a single-phased implementation. Transformation takes place over time to truly revolutionize your organization to meet the […]

Gartner Report | How to Select the Intranet Foundation for Your Digital Workplace

Akumina was recently mentioned in the Gartner report ‘How to Select the Intranet Foundation for Your Digital Workplace.’ “This guide will help you select an intranet technology […]

eBook | Understanding the Pathways of a Modern Workplace Solution

When going through the process of building the right workplace experience, it is important to understand the difference between a product and a platform in the […]

WEBINAR | Release 4.1: Deliver a Game-Changing Digital Workplace with Enhanced Content Management and Widgets

When you improve employee engagement, you increase productivity. And with overall employee engagement hovering around 33% (according to Gallup), most organizations have nowhere to go but […]

WHITEPAPER | Employee Engagement and the Digital Workplace

Implemented effectively, a “Digital Workplace” is more than just an employee portal—it can help develop ideal employees that can propel an organization to its full potential.

WEBINAR | Boston Red Sox: A Customer Journey

Join Brian Shield, VP Information Technology of the Boston Red Sox, and Owen Allen of Akumina, as they discuss the steps that the Red Sox undertook […]

WEBINAR | Typescript: Structured Development for Modern Portals

Check out Akumina’s Scott Kearney and Owen Allen for a detailed discussion highlighting the advantages of using TypeScript if you are a JavaScript or .NET developer.

WEBINAR | Why User Experience Matters for Employees

Akumina teams up with SoHo Dragon in this webinar to explore the significant and positive effect an optimized employee user experience can have on your business.

WEBINAR | Understanding Collaboration with Office 365

Take a deep dive with Akumina into the big changes Microsoft has made to their Office 365 collaboration capabilities and how you can leverage those changes […]

WEBINAR | Project-based Collaboration for Office 365 Made Easy

How can you bring together all discussions, tasks, milestones and documents into a single user experience? Watch this webinar to learn more about Akumina Workspaces and […]

WEBINAR | Reinvent Employee Engagement and Productivity with a Digital Workplace

Organizations that remain successful at keeping their employees engaged have embraced the concept of the Digital Workplace. Learn how to deliver digital experiences for employees and […]